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Inglourious Basterds (2009) dir.Quentin Tarantino

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Fangirl Challenge: 5/5 TV Shows - "Lost (2004-2010)

See you in another life, brother.

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Chaos is order yet undeciphered.

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Back in the day we would’ve never believed that we’d be liked 100,000 times by 100,000 different people & go in on to do the main stage at Reading and Leeds. Please don’t think it doesn’t mean everyfing to us just because we wear faux fur and use slang. All my love to every one of you xxxxx


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Viserys Targaryen does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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Sans Laisser De Traces (2010)

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The Killers & Danielle Haim, Ronnie u are so adorable [x]

I’m Not There (2007) dir.Todd Haynes

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Hannibal + circles

Circles represent wholeness and infinity, without beginning or end. They imply unity but draw boundaries between that which is included and that which is outside; they simultaneously protect and restrict.

In cinematography, the circle beckons the viewer in. We are invited to step inside, to inhabit another world and to partake in its symbolic meaning.

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Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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Léa Seydoux / rag & bone 2013 Behind the Scenes

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