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Happy anniversaryBATTLE BORN" (First release: September 17, 2012) 

"This is what makes the Battle Born era the biggest and best yet. We’ve seen The Killers go through four stages of evolution: the synth-pop themed Hot Fuss (2004) era that saw them burst onto the scene with the legendary ‘Mr Brightside’; the Sam’s Town (2006) era that showed them as a strong rock presence drawing on influences from their edge-of-the-desert hometown of Nevada; and the futuristic and saxophone-laced Day & Age (2008) era that showcased yet another string on The Killers’ bow. Then – after a lengthy absence to concentrate on solo projects – came 2012’s Battle Born, an album that doesn’t appear as full of hits as its predecessors on the surface, but is by far the most polished. This is a testament to how far the band has come, with the ability to headline Wembley a sure sign of making it. When The Killers look back on their time together as a band, they will pin point this as ‘the’ moment and this era as ‘the’ era. Brandon was quick to point this out too, stating in an interview that the Battle Born tour had been “the best tour we’ve ever had.” (

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you’re gonna miss me when i’m gone

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Battle Born

PHOTOGRAPHER: Williams + Hirakawa


V Festival - Weston Park


The Killers & Danielle Haim, Ronnie u are so adorable [x]





u know arctic monkeys is actually a cute name but when u see who’s in ithe band


vampire weekend is the opposite though


franz ferdinand is exactly what you expect


and the killers is exactly what you didn’t expect


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  • friend: *sneezes*
  • me: bless your body bless your soul pray for peace and self control

"We’ve been really lucky to have the fans that we have. I mean, especially with the way the music industry has gone and the direction it’s headed. Without them, we would have nothing." - Brandon Flowers

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RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest 2014 [hq]


#10yearsofHotFuss - On 26 June, 2004, The Killers played at Glastonbury for the first time. Even with the small set and technical problems, the New Bands Tent was overflowing with people, who cheered to every song.

I didn’t expect the tent to be that full. Up until that moment I was never sure about playing in front of so many people, but I found it enjoyable. And then it led to V and a crowd three times as large as that!

A lot of the people who work with us were crying! I usually get overwhelmed when I walk out because that’s always the best thing when you watch a band. To be on the flipside was pretty incredible. - BF

That gig made the band receive an invite to headline Glasto on the following year, which they refused claiming they didn’t deserve this spot yet. Still, they played on the Pyramid Stage in 2005. The Killers were finally headliners in 2007.


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The Killers & Victims

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That song in particular almost didn’t make it onto the album. We had all the songs recorded and had some time off and we were going to record a couple more. We wrote Change Your Mind in the studio but All These Things That I’ve Done just wasn’t there yet. So it almost didn’t make it.

Some of our best tracks are slow risers. All These Things was an unexpected success. We had been playing it for ages and nobody seemed to get it. Then, one day, something just clicked. - BF

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The Killers generation

"Every band, you’ve got to kill off the generation that came before you (…) We love The Killers, by the way”. (Bono Vox  advising Brandon Flowers)

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