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Not even sorry, i just had to

Dave´s face is priceless

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The Killers association word game > Desert

Thanks to the-desert-rain and oversunsetplain

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The Killers’ cupcakes by Cake Castle (Chile)

My sister made again The Killers’ cupcakes but sadly not for me :( this time 3 friends of mine asked her to make some cupcakes (also 50 shades of grey & adventure times but i don’t care lol). At this point she made 5 The Killers’ cake and three deliveries of cupcakes, so hopeful next client is the band hahah :D

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The Killers: 10 Favorite Live Performances → Glastonbury 2007 x

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  • Two days ago: The Killers are not touring, do the Victims not understand what a hiatus is?
  • Today: Do The Killers not understand what a hiatus is?

  • Everyone: So, are you on hiatus?
  • The Killers: No, just taking a break
  • Everyone: So you're on a break
  • The Killers: lol no we're headlining festivals bye

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All These Things That I’ve Done (Empty Arena) » The Killers


The Killers - Sam’s Town
(Multiple Requests)


The Killers - Sam’s Town

(Multiple Requests)

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The Killers Discography - in Opposites
(some of these were hard, so aren’t completely literal)

that trickle is tame omg

I hope they see this and see what the hiatus has done to the best of us. Help. 

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The Killers’ first decade of hits (open in a new tab for hi-res)

The Killers’ first decade of hits (open in a new tab for hi-res)

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The Killers named greatest live act of 2013






Gigwise has named The Killers best live act of 2013, as voted for by readers. Gigwise says that, “the Las Vegas superstars took the top spot with ease, beating Westcountry rock icons Muse into second place”. The write-up mentions Wembley and the Garage gig in particular. The full article can be read here.


Damn. Fucking. Straight.

this is probably why victims were named “most dedicated” on gig wise too then

i swear gigwise is doing the job that rolling stone never did. 10 for u gigwise!


The Killers, shot in May 2013 in Albuquerque / New Mexico